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Editorial Services

Editing must meet the needs of different jobs for various clients. To help you determine the type of editorial service you want or need, I offer the following definitions of levels of editing service I provide. All levels can be provided electronically or on hard-copy, as preferred by the client.

Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive editing (also known as "developmental" editing) is the most in-depth level of editing, the level at which the editor joins with the author to ensure that the text fulfills its communication goals. In addition to covering the items listed under clarification editing, comprehensive editing addresses the following:

  • Appropriateness of material and format for target audience
  • Organization and structure of document or manuscript
  • Basic sense of material presented
  • Appropriateness and addition or deletion of headings
  • Accuracy of information
  • Transitions and segues
  • Overall readability
  • Potential additions, deletions, or elaborations
  • Alteration of content to meet recommendations of reviewers

The key differences between clarification and comprehensive editing are the levels of judgment and rewriting involved. In comprehensive editing, the editor improves the organization and flow of the text rather than simply ensuring correct usage and grammar, may suggest recasts rather than simply flagging problems, and interfaces with author to effect necessary changes. (In both cases, copyediting should follow.)

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